Birth Announcement Etiquette

Published: 29th July 2008
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Birth announcement etiquette is important when you introduce your new son or daughter to the world. To avoid offending those who are important to you and will be part of your child's life, there are a few things you need to remember about the etiquette of birth announcements.

To write up a successful birth announcement the following information should be included: the baby's name, their birth date, the time they were born, their weight and height at birth, the hospital they were born at, the child's parent's names. Many choose to include the baby's grandparents' names as well as the names of any siblings.

In addition to regular birth announcements, there are a number of other avenues of announcing your baby. Just remember, if you are looking to put the birth announcement in the newspaper you should contact your local newspaper once the baby is born.

In addition to the newspaper, you can announce your new baby's birth on your page. You can also create your baby's own birth announcement website where you can attach new pictures.

This gives family and friends the opportunity to show others your new bundle of joy. Since everyone who knows the baby will want to show them off to their family or co-workers this is an excellent idea which saves you postage and them the hassle of having to carry around a picture that they don't want to bend.

To create birth announcements you are going to distribute you can use a website like or, which provide you the opportunity to add your child's pictures to the announcement.

Birth announcement etiquette when you are thinking about sending them in the mail is that you should send the announcement to anyone who attended any baby showers. You also want to be sure to send a birth announcement to any family members who are from out of state. Make sure to include everyone so that no one feels left out.

One other idea that I have seen used is to put labels on wine or champagne bottles with the baby's birth announcement information and distribute them to family and friends. Then on the child's 21st birthday you are supposed to open the bottles. Just remember, if considering this idea, that birth announcement etiquette may dictate that you be aware that not everyone will appreciate an alcoholic drink.

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