Inviting Smiles and More

Published: 11th June 2008
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Inviting smiles silently invite people close in order to share a

special moment with you. Some people think that a smile is a smile; that

could not be further from the truth. In actuality, a smile can convey an

infinite number of messages depending on the circumstance, overall body

language and verbal communication that accompanies the smile.

Writers have come up with a variety of adjectives to describe different

smiles. They have learned that a simple smile can be changed from

flirty to mocking with one word which then can entirely change the feeling

of the scene being written.

Here are just a few of the most common phrases used to identify a

smile, and a brief personal interpretation:

Animated smiles - showing teeth and involving movement

Attractive smiles - what one sees on the young and successful

Baby smiles - a favorite of advertisers, photographers, and


Beaming smiles - often seen on first time fathers

Beautiful smiles - open and honest owing nothing to physical


Big smiles - seen when a child discovers a new wonder

Bright smiles - gleaming teeth and sparkling eyes that convey warmth

Brilliant smiles - diamond-bright and just as hard

Caricature smiles - used to hide pain and hurt

Celebrity smiles - practiced and able to be held for great lengths of


Cool smiles - bestowed by the upper class, thinly masked superiority

Crooked smiles - the Elvis smile, with one-sided lip movement

Dazzling smiles - wedding day bride smiles

Denture smiles - grandma's teeth soaking in a clear glass bowl

Dog smiles - an attractive feature of certain breeds

Evil smiles - convey menace and threat

Fake smiles - fail to reach the eyes

Friendly smiles - a smile given to a stranger

Funny smiles - young children and babies

Genuine smiles - accompanied by a firm handshake

Gummy smiles - given by babies and grandma when she's left her teeth


Honest smiles - children's smiles are always honest

Inviting smiles -draws one closer to share a special moment

Love struck smiles - worn by newly-engaged couples

Magical smiles - seem to light up a room

Mona Lisa smiles - small, private, and secretive

Motivational smiles - denote confidence and inspiration

Movie star smiles - used for the camera, lacks true pleasure and


Natural smiles - spontaneous without motive

Plastic smiles - hard, used as a shield, unemotional, false

Precious smiles - the first baby smiles that truly express happiness

Radiant smiles - what the bride wears as she walks down the aisle

Romantic smiles - seen on newlywed couples on their honeymoon

Secret smiles - says "I know something you don't know"

Sexy smiles - used to attract another person, can be seductive

Sunny smiles - light up the room

Toothy smiles - can be friendly or threatening

Ugly smiles - twisted, conveying anger and menace

Warm smiles - like an invisible hug

Winning smiles - non-threatening, pulls one closer

As you can see a smile is so much more than just a movement of the

lips. When heartfelt emotion is added a smile can speak louder than words.

Let your smiles express your honest feelings and as they silently reach

out and embrace the world around you.

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